Kingdom Mafia Day 2

"Kings are like stars,- they rise and set."

A new day dawns. The partygoers quickly forget about the death of jdance and continue on in their reveling and merrymaking. Political intrigue is afoot in the halls of this party. Here lurks leaders, followers, and those that want nothing more than for the entire system to be torn apart. Beware you do not end up next on the chopping block.

Alive Players


@mafiabot startday 7301

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@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

Osiris, insom, kyle, ian, kat, bazingaboy, Nyte, SOPHIE,

Alive Players - 8

Majority Vote - 5


Day 2 will last until 2021-11-27T04:00:00Z to accommodate Thanksgiving. Feel free to end earlier.

Day 2 start

wtf you guys didnt even let kyle post yet

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i think that was the point


me hiding after letting insom (anarchist) kill a fellow guard for my queen (nyte)

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ill wait to vote him until the lynch seems most likely

@mafiabot vote insom

my king (kyle) doesn't need to talk

vote insom and then i will and 2 other people and he will die.

A proper servant knows their masters will by heart, very impressive @kat.

royalty would never hammer @mafiabot vote insom

@mafiabot lynch insom

now you

Would insom really hammer if he was an heir or anarchist though? He barely wanted to vote ian last game as mafia he was very careful. He's probably just guard

@mafiabot unvote


vote him again or i relapse.

@mafiabot vote insom

in mafiauniverse that would be illegal because you are using a TRUST TELL (outside of game thread info) to pressure me into a read