Kingdom Mafia

And cat is posting in this thread therefore cats exist like lol

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bold claims. is this man a prodigy or a witch

i saw some armadillos the other day but i didnt touch them because thats the number 1 cause of leprosy transmission in the USA.


I am town by the way

you hard claimed serial killer you can't unclaim a hard claim

we honor law and tradition in this kingdom

There is no we this is not a homogenous population

then it's time for some ethnic cleansing

@mafiabot vote @jdance

come one come all to the pogrom. bring your kids, your wife, hell even your cow

town crier (because you are a crybaby)

Can we not argue about birds and argue about a real question like whether men and women can have sex and then just be friends

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My answer is yes

i will die with my virginity


Not if I can help it


what did this post mean

that's a complicated question

You'll understand when you're older

figuring out how to reply to your dumbass

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