Kingdom Mafia

"A bird! A bird! My kingdom for a bird!"

The Animal King was known to be a staunch believer of the birds. Though they were never seen around the Animal Kingdom, The Animal King always spoke about the effort the birds put in as loyal subjects to the throne.

This has led to two separate factions emerging within the Kingdom - bird believers and bird skeptics. Bird believers are of course the more traditional faction as they agree with the throne. Bird skeptics need verifiable information, however, and while they do not go to the streets announcing their disagreement with the throne - grounds for treason and execution - they have found in one of the heirs to the throne a sympathetic figure.

As royalty does, we find ourselves at a multi-day party. A masquerade. The heirs have walked into this play of death willingly, for they believe it to be a contest between their small cadre against the other heir's cadre of followers. Little do they know, someone more sinister lurks within these grounds, hoping to put an end to the line of the Animal King forever.

Role PMs

Guard A / Guard B

Guard PM

You are a Guard. XXXX is your Heir. You believe them to be the one true ruler of your land.
You win the game if XXXX is alive, the other Heir is dead, and the Anarchist is dead.
If your Heir dies you will immediately commit suicide out of shame.
When you die you will be revealed as Guard so that no one knows who you were protecting.
Use your vote to figure out who is on your side and weed out the rest.

Heir A / Heir B

Heir PM

You are Heir XXXX. You win the game if you are alive, Heir Alpha is dead, and the Anarchist is dead.
You have a 1-shot kill you may use at any time.
If the other Heir is still alive, then this kill must be done in thread by posting Kill: X.
If the other heir is dead then you may PM the mod this kill.
Use your vote to figure out who is on your side and weed out the rest.


Anarchist PM

You are the Anarchist.
You have kill(s) you may use at any time during the game including at the time of your death.
The number of kills you have is always equal to the number of Heirs currently alive in the game.
If one Heir dies, you will lose one of your kills. No player is immune to kills.
You win the game if Heir Alpha is dead and Heir Beta is dead. You don't have to be alive to win.
You also win the game if all guards die and only you and both Heirs are alive.
Use your vote and kills to bring an end to all order.

Alive Players


@mafiabot startday 7301

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

jdance, Osiris, insom, kyle, ian, kat, bazingaboy, Nyte, SOPHIE,

Alive Players - 9

Majority Vote - 5


Day 1 will last until 2021-11-27T04:00:00Z to accommodate Thanksgiving. Feel free to end earlier.

Day 1 start

Nice a competent host

I didn't confirm.


I claim serial killer hard claim

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i've seen your feet you don't scare me


@mafiabot lynch @insom

No excuse for anyone not to this time. No investigative roles. No information will be obtained.

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while the issue of the birds is a matter of great importance the fact that jdance's are allowed to exist in this kingdom is equally distressing

@mafiabot lynch @Osiris

Not changing my vote

This game is very snowbally

careful you might catch leprosy

Catch these hands broke boy

we need to settle this day 1 should jdance get his own leper colony or should we just put him out of his misery

First lynch will happen very quickly. There's no incentive to not mislynch. Should be very easy to put guards and heirs


Setup kinda sucks because cats wouldn't exist if birds didn't but okay