Kittens? More like Shittens because I just ate $58 of chili cheese burritos from taco Bell

Holy fuck

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@yns what's your favorite la restaurant

Fuck yourself

Yns bro I'm ur biggest fan

Literally fuck yourself

Bro hahahahhahah fuck u crack my shit up

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Oh no

My dad has diabetes and he's going to lose his legs soon.

This isn’t a lounge thread

Love to hear it keep the bad shit coming

He bought me an $800 watch for no reason

What difference does it make

That’s a pretty cheap watch dude

Fuck man ILY NGL smh ffs

Mfw yns itt :heart_eyes_cat:

I hate all of you

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I hate all of you people

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You petulant children

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Fuckibg kiddos

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you know what they say you can’t win them al