*knocks on door* hello i came for reddit?

steps in i guess this will do...

On reddit today:

  1. Why the hell do people like Sumail so much??
  • I have never seen someone so ego filled or jerk like than this man. Don't get me wrong, as much as I hate this man I will agree that he is a great player. That's just a fact. But, any time I see a post or hear anything its just him saying how he's the best, the GOAT, and no one can touch him. Does he ever think he messes up, or does he blame others? He doesn't seem like the guy to have any type of sportsmanship and even in the funny videos he just looked like the equivalent of a sad dry cucumber.

Lmfao at people hating on sumail, I can fix EG in 2 STEPS

Stop bulba from drafting.
Stop S4 from being the initiator.