Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY of all charges

Get owned



Who on this site do you think is upset about this

Time for morons to riot probably


Poor kid

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I'm just glad he seems v remorseful

Same. Seems legitimately traumatized

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Nearly broke out in tears with him watching it live when the jury read the verdict out loud

Straight political trial

I did

Imagine having life in prison hanging over your head for a year, the entire media calling you a mass shooter white supremacist, and you’re 18 years old

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def magnified by the fact that it happened off the back of the Floyd crap

The media shouldn't be allowed to call themselves news

Kyle get your gun. They're rioting again

lmfao if he just did it again at the riots to his own acquittal

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These memes are unfunny yns.

White people shooting white people straight white supremacy