Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY of all charges

tell me this guy doesnt make the best math videos youve ever seen

go chapter 10 section 5 cryptography

I can't even imagine how hard it must be to be Canadian


they're a lot like you, really

Canadians dude


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Rittenhouse being reasonable even when the parasite personalities want to make him a icon


it's an election year dude. of course there are going to be mass shootings

the poster who can correctly identify "Salvador Ramos" actual skin color should get a forum honorific.

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.>nooo not the children
.>wife uses a children's website to funnel children to her pornography

this one is 100% getting memoryholed he was apparently a tranny running from the border patrol

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there is some truth to the position that I am a tranny: all of those X-months of HRT progress albums create a thought of wonder what sort of monster I would become (pls build a ML trannifier).

the thought of my frame in tranny-form is one of the funniest things in my mind. I have strong desires to dress up as a woman because I think it would be hilarious and be quite the power move.

maybe it's solely the fact that I would have better economic opportunities as a tranny... hmmmm........

Colombian? El Salvadorean?

@matticus a certain someone said she was jealous of my hourglass frame. any tips on crossdressing for a 6'6" 155lb man?

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given that she was recently attacking me with "you will never make a woman orgasm" it might be time to go down the gay route.

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Totally normal based individual thoughts if you'd believe it