kyle the town drunk

guys kyle has a drinking problem some one talk to him.

No harassing of other forum members.

Thread closed.

i brought this up 6 months ago but you were too busy getting plastered to notice or care

No harassing other forum members

go plow yourself reddit normie

i called it that the only time he interacts with us on the forum or interviews is when he's using. i joined his calls on discord anyway to talk to him but it was pointless because he goes over the edge by the end and doesn't remember what we talked about

yns did the same thing but in a 'libtard mindrape' sinister way ala fellow soy jones

This has been common knowledge for the better part of the last 2 years

yea well i didn't realize it was almost all the time until recently. he seemed lucid when he was a mod. it's probably just on his days off now he gets loaded (which is fine it's your own choice what you do in your free time) but you gotta realize how taxing it can be to only interact with you when you act like that

i dont want this to be a shit on theodore thread but me, you, and kat have told him repeatedly what it's like trying to have fun with him when he gets like this. temperance can be trained if you actually want to try

This is why my discord is superior

what not retaining does to a motherfucka if kyle can't even retain what hope does he have


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Kyle needs help


i talk to him and played dota with him. im doing my part

First game we ever played I had riki selected but not picked outirght sitting on bottom lane waiting for other team picks. Kyle fucking picks specter goes bottom and throws the game
Dunno if I could play with him again

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ya i feel you

theodore got low prio after that game lmao. all of our teammates reported him

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