La Noche Triste Mafia Day 2


I didn't know this subforum existed this is pretty lit. Last night a great celebration took place honoring the slaying of the vile bazingaboy. Not one to participate in joviality gwez was spotted leaving the party early saying he had to check on his corn. Many thought it curious but any doubt of his allegiance was dispelled when his corpse was found on the northern causeway with a rock from an Andean sling embedded in his temple. gwez was the Town Jailkeeper

Alive Players


Majority vote is 4

Gwez correctly identified the gimmick of this game is short days with no lynch not possible. The Tlaxcalans will not give you time just because it hurts your feelings.
Day ends at 1 AM EST tonight

Interesting, until the flip I could have sworn bazinga was going to flip town.

Want to explain your votes on him whoever voted him?

Speaking for myself it was a joke vote

I think ewiz and luckyartist are town

I want to say faz is town but it's a bad read

@mafiabot lynch krazykat

Can you elaborate a bit?

So we got a town follower or town babysitter.

They got a strong arm or role cop.

We can do a hypo claim for both.

I'm guessing follower is tracker and babysitter is body guard

I was bitter about last game

It's suspicious to suggest a hypo claim while claiming not to know what the roles do

Personally I have not read the setup and I do not know what the roles do

I try not to be sexist but nytes reactions to adversity in mafia makes it really hard.

I mean dude if I knew it was 15 hour day 1 on forum mafia I would probably not play.

And without any heads up and my lazy ass dodnt even read intro I had no clue

He kept making weird posts about voting the most active player, putting out feelers for different alternative lynches constantly

I think this is the correct move. I wanted to vote kkat yesterday because the posts seemed to echo bazingaboy's. When that happens with kkat town, he always points our the mind meld and how sus it makes him

@osiris vote kkat

I guess it's everyone else's turn to make osiris feel bad

krazykat: ian electrowizard

not voting: nyte faz krazykat diendamahdick luckyartist

Kkat didn’t hop on the train, clear scum player
@osiris vote kkat

I'm town here.
@LuckyArtist why did you just put me at one from hammer with the whole day left?

I don’t think it’s Ian or ewiz so who cares