La Noche Triste Mafia Day 3

Sorry I'm late it was degenerate gaming hours last night. I'm dumb and missed a pm notification


A bloodbath occurred late last night as krazykat, the Town Babysitter was found murdered. Without the supervision of his babysitter diendamahdick the Vanilla Town swallowed an atlatl and sadly died to death. There was much sadness this day

Alive Players


Majority vote is 3 day ends 1 AM EST

A Babysitter may target a player each night to protect them. That player will be protected from one kill aimed at that player directly. However, if a kill succeeds on the Babysitter (rather than the Babysitter's target), the Babysitter's target will die along with the Babysitter.

kkat you stupid mother fucker.


unless you yoloed thought dianda is scum?


I'll reread at some point if I can but I don't imagine it's ewiz

I think this is the correct move. I wanted to vote kkat yesterday because the posts seemed to echo bazingaboy's. When that happens with kkat town, he always points our the mind meld and how sus it makes him


who the fuck remembers who eco's bazinga during bazinga's day 1 as town?

you only notice it if your scum buddy is being ecoed lol


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Lol I was one of the first ones on bazinga

@osiris vote faz

You've been scummy as fuck

you clearly dont give a fuck about winning as town, you are scum.

"I was first ones on bazinga" lmfao trying to get some town cred scum?

I have been scummie as fuck cause I am town and not really playing this game much.

like you ewiz have no clue who is actually mafia this game.

I can for a small fact say it aint nyte and it aint ian slightly cause both of them actually pushed me day 1.
Very unlikely they would do it as scum.

so yea everything adds up.

your misplay was to actually push me so early here today lol

all you have done is build mislynch cases whole game.

@osiris lynch electrowizard

the only person you called town was gwez and even that was for lazy scum reasons lol

now lets see if the grand master nyte can actually figure out the game, well and maybe ian but he is already on a wrong path lol

Do you think Nyte is town or do you just think ewiz is mafia from that line of logic

It seems like something ewiz could say about anyone

Umm, sure, that's why I actually pushed the person I thought was scum yesterday while you just said "I don't want to argue"