Land acknowledgements

itt cynical unfunny losers mansplain obvious and well known rationalizations for being cynical unfunny losers


kkat making the only borderline actually funny post in the thread but it's still meh

funniest part is bazinga talking down to me as if id ever prefer to make bazingaposts over toxiciaafrposts like idk what extent of brain damage I'd need for that

Maybe bazingaposts stem from having 0 brain damage whatsoever

still not particularly enviable (would be more enviable if actually funny)

also there's no way

like there's no way you end up on this site at all without some level of brain damage


idk my mind has been a real piece of shit this week

Treat yourself to better rest and sleep. Oh and also better food

i sleep and eat like a champ. somtime's brain

What does a champ sleep and eat like

10 hours on collard greens and baked chicken breast last night. ill give a sitrep on the nachos and 8 hours after tonight

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I mean if that’s it, that’s not a great diet but kudos on the sleep

nothing stops the dreams

You didn’t even start yet

I appreciate you bazingaboy

Me too

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the dreams are not good

sorry to hear that it really does suck