Land acknowledgements

I have noticed a problematic lack of land acknowledgements in this forum.

Every thread should have to start with a brief statement letting everyone know that this forum is built upon native american land. This is in order to internalize this fact and help heal the wounded spirits of these noble warriors.

An example: I would like to acknowledge that we are gathered today on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam people. If you dont know who the musquean are I expect a 300 word essay on what you have learned


I am a member of the Slappahoe tribe.


just read tracks so i can see why this would be important

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thanks bazinga

I want 40 acres of musqueam land

this thread legit bothers me

kind of a sad mockery

I don't see how this thread is any more offensive than the average offensive post. What about it particularly bothers you?

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Because at some point she's read some sjw bullshit about this subject and in the back of her mind she needs to be angry

i have friends that fight this battle. in general, most other people that it's come up in conversation with treat it like a joke as well. feels bad.

many battles end up becoming jokes. tragedy + time = comedy

very few people talk about assyria or babylon in a reverent manner

but memes live eterntal

? what part of time are we counting here

cuz this is fairly recent-times for native/indigenous folks to be pushing for changes and acknowledgements and so on in a way that has gained popular awareness

and what exactly are you trying to communicate

ah you mean the original events. this is memeing current events, tho.

shit's tough

Yes. I’m glad I am not able to express that it’s upsetting. Thank you for correcting me and validating others interest in trying to make me feel badly for being upset.

i never meant it like that

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nah this activism has been around forever but now the system has commodified activism and instead of some earnest statement hanging in the wall of a bookstore there are these performative but largely empty acts of prayer and contemplation people and companies can use to save face while still being part of this continued genocide lol


when you read it back do you still feel the same way about writing it

i'm not sure what you're intending to accomplish with this answer. i disagree. the people i know that are a part of movements to push back or gain recognition/awareness of these issues are not trying to save face. and those are the people i'm talking about. it doesn't matter that it's gained pop awareness and there is performative stuff going on. there are still people genuinely fighting these battles.