land in buffalo

No. Football hooligans are typically low class idiots

I bet. Acre 2 hours from Toronto minimum 40k usd

Indeed I am refined!

fyi when a white calls you a "refined black man" it's codeword for an uncle tom

sort of like when they call asians the "model minority"

air hogs thinks he’s really cool because he listens to obscure music made by black musicians

what he doesn’t realize is ■■■■■■ today don’t listen to that dogshit they wanna hear that shit that SLAPS

posting age restricted content :distant:

marsala was an uncle tom

I have an uncle tom and according to uncle tom the rapture is happening soon :pleading_face:

Someone give me the Lore on hogs ethnicity

I wanna accuse him of whitesplaining but he very well could be Asian

who cares

whitesplaining lmao

hes part mayflower part chrysanthemum flower

im black

I would be a good fit for buffalo

What happened to the natives?

They're alcoholics like my people