land in buffalo

Vacant land in and around toronto is so fucking expensive. I just looked at buffalo.

I can get a fucking plot of land for 8-15kusd in the damn city

yea buffalo is a rustbelt wasteland

i don't think you're a good fit for buffalo

Go fuck yourself dude. You link that picture in a negative connotation like apparently an area being diverse is a bad thing. You're so fucking stupid dumb and asa

actually the connotation was that someone (Jakub) who dreams of living in a quasi-fascist all white ethnostate probably wouldn't enjoy milling about among so many black people, and says nothing of any value judgement i might make, but you apparently know what my posts mean better than i do

r etard pizza boy go fu ck yourself u stupid ginger bitc h

buffalo owns

American blacks are cool. It's the Toronto ones that try to be american are not.

MURICA is murica

What's wrong with wanting to live amongst my own people?

Ingroup preference civs always do better

in sid meier games, yes

what the fuck are "your people" like i don't understand how people still cling to this outmoded tribalist concept in metropolitan societies unless you actually grew up in some closed off homogeneous cloister where you had no interactions with the outside world which would be boring as shit and having a preference for it is probably racist

also whatever your concept of american blacks is, is probably ridiculous

awful thread all around


They treat me differently. They treat me with understanding. We understand one another better. It's easier to communicate.

It's just easier to be around. Honestly.

Lbj is my concept. A refined man

English culture and polish culture clashes heavily.

Fuck there is land in buffalo for $4k I could have actually built a fucking team house there.

This shit I going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

Trafficking peruvians to buffalo where they can either stay warm and game 25/8 or they can go for a walk in the balmy -20 summer weather

Honestly I don't think I can ever go back to dota.

r u talking about football hooligans?

Quit using 1337speak. You're an adult. Grow up.

Land outside of big cities in Texas is like $500 an acre.
I got a nice old house and 5 acres of hay fields for $104,000 bucks. That's $900 a month minus the money I get from my hay. Life is good.