larger game host + help

looking to host a larger setup 11+, i personally fouind as a player that the creative ones were the most fun but im not the best at managing a buncha stuff and those games also tend to be super chaotic so a more vanilla one would be best for me

i only see 3 approved here
and seems too vanilla for you guys

what would you guys change about this to make it more fun without making it a bunch more shit to manage? or have you seen a similar vanillaish setup that worked well and was still a lot of fun?

Pick your power seems cool but I feel like drafting should be handled by a bot and I get anxious when I gotta deal with a lot of night actions..

and im fine with putting off this game until after ersu's game if some players wanna sign for this and dont think they'd be tuckered out by too much mafia

just do a 1d100 randomizer adn have people roll!

Rora did this one once and it was fun.
A lot of possible roles, but not many in the actual game.

CMU seems fun but i dont want to have to mind keeping tabs on charges

Give everyone a gun.
Emoji is the people who played my games.

i member a draft game probably hosted by rora where my scum team selected janitor and roleblocker and i went as detective. was a 20'ish man game tho with another scum team and an sk iirc

seems like a lot of work for the host tho

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do a throne of lies forum based game, the true game of deduction

aomng us

do you think people would bother to keep notes I'd have to take from them in the morning

bump ill do charge me up as long as you guys firgure out how you want it rebalanced

@mafiabot help


@mafiabot host
nvm doing this

@mafiabit sign

@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot sign

too long did not read