Larry Elder for CA governor

Wew hope he wins and cleans that shit hole up

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Don't hope for anything in Cali. The place is hopeless. Let it slide into the ocean and "Learn to swim."

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wow since when did you start having plasma-tier thoughts


a2pas-tier too, now that i remember it

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Ever since Cali raised taxes to pay for every kid to have free college, and then laid off 25% of the teachers during the the last economic downturn.

Farmers freely growing crops with water from the Rocky Mountains in areas that used to be a desert, while the the regular residents can't even water their own lawns.

Things like that.

cali's not close to exceptional in underpaying and understaffing teachers. i'd be surprised if it were in the bottom half of the country. maybe pretty bad in class sizes, but there are a lot of competitive kids from immigrant families, so it kinda balances out.

where else are we supposed to grow the crops? closer to the mountains? i mean maybe, idk, get the word out if that's the answer

lawns aren't really a good use of water in the first place; they're sort of a luxury if you really think about it


Front lawns were a sign of wealth from a long time ago that persists until today

Look at all this land I'm not farming type flex

Farmers are growing crops with my lawn water :mad:

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Larry Elder is a lunatic

being a conservative talk radio host should disqualify you from political campaigning.

Bruh Trudeau's resume is:

Part time drama teacher and ski instructor.

Anyone can run for office. You need non career politicians

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Being pro lawn and anti farmer in a desert is mad interesting


trudeau be fuckiung and is married to his high school teacher. that boy groomed. and his family ties are mad New world order. fuck that guy,

Yup. At least ya'll boys got a mean tweeting billionaire troll

Trudeau is all the evidence you need for taking women's right to vote away

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Trudeau is gunna take Larry Elder down this election!

Trudope might lose the election he called

California is fucked up but a republican liberal isn't going to fix the wrongs of a democratic liberal

what’s liberal about Larry elder he seems pretty based to me

hes a libera. being liberal just means u want the ghouls to privatize as much as possible

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