Latest thread, latest post(er)

It’s hard to tell if there are any new posts. Perhaps it is because I am not used to the interface, and if so, ignore it…

I think perhaps it would be nice if the front page, categories, displayed what the latest reply was, in what particular thread and at what particular time.
Likewise, I think that threads should have the same thing… An immediate way of knowing who the last poster was and when they posted.

Thank you.

Not sure about desktop, but this all shows up in mobile on light mode

Indeed I am posed on my desktop machine. I am quite confident that this information is not present. If it is then I must fear that my treacherous eyes have betrayed me.


If I hover the right picture under Users, it does say “most recent poster”. However this is not true for the front page, and further it does not convey the time in which the post was made.

I can enable that.