Lbj mafia #1 day 4

No one died.

On the golf course sorry for the low effort.

LMAO. Dan, ersu, or yns. I’d lean towards ersu and that shit yesterday was a bus, but Dan makes a lot of sense too

did scum fail to submit a kill?

well nyte and i talked last night and agreed that epok made the most sense or was at least the world we were most comfortable with.

The three worlds are basically
epok: the spammer to let the other’s hide
yns: played more than usual to make up for the lack of play from his teammates
ersu: majorly bussed.

there is more to say with voting patterns but ill let nyte talk about that since she went back and read everything.

fucking A tho if ersu didnt do that major contradiction that you posted I would have voted friend.

that post combo from ersu is so fucking weird.

Yeah I know that fooled me too. It was so fucking weird

hmm today might be interesting. i wonder if a scum will fake claim a doctor role.

doctor + mason seems op tho

I would not believe any PR claims

yeah it would be hard to believe

outting yesterday would have cleared like half of the people and should have done it then

We have two chances because of the no kill, given that there are 3 confirmed town and 3 potential scum. I’d go Dan then ersu maybe or ersu then dan

yns just genuine dumb town?

btw being perfectly honest to everyone watching u are meta cleared as town that I won’t discuss today, but u also are mostly town cleared based on some posts yesterday.

It’s dan

game is solved, I have 100% confidence in NMA saying it was dan and friend

Because 317 was scum he obviously ghosted

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I’m still fine with lynching epok.

Im fucking shit lmao