Stands for lame blowjob.

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He's cute how much

idk u tell me how much it costs to fuck your own face


You're weird.

Sykkuno is a symbol for soft boys everywhere

Asian men have been hardcore feminized. Korea is bad for that

When asked about whether he thought he looked feminine after he put on make-up, he was confused by the question as if he had never even thought about it.

"No I don't. I do not think about this being a girly look," he says. "It's about looking good."

Ngl would lie on a couch spooning my homies if we all looked like that

you said not gonna lie??????

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Damn i did

Bro there's no way this guy isn't way better looking than u sorry to say

If you're going to call people ugly on this forum you're required to post a face pic just like many of us have done, unless you're a coward

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As if being feminized is a bad thing

Who cares dude. It's like when people are pissed that there are more black babies than white babies. That only matters if you are racist

What if I told you that women prefer feminine looking men

Only reason Jake Lucky didn't do an esports talk show about my glory is cuz I'm better looking.

post face