Hi this is graveyard since the setup is closed I’m gonna keep everything secret in here but if u really wanna know who scum are and only that you should pm me

scum was gonna kill flop until like 20 min before deadline

Whoops wrong chat oh well you all know who the scum are anyways

Town iaafr is almost as blatant as town lbj

why did 317 get zeused?

I had reason to believe he was cheating doing goyclub things but according to him he wasn’t but regardless I’d rather be on the side of error in zeusing someone than let cheating go on


who the hell is 317 anyways? I thought he was one of dan’s friends.

What made you suspect him LBJ?

One of the chats of a PR commented on them being in teamspeak together and in that time I inadvertently role flipped him

@LuckyArtist I can’t take it any more. Please pm me the scum. I wanted to figure it out, but the thread got too long.

Lmao 317 ersu and friend

Everyone in here already knows

OMG I had ersu 99% and friend 70%, but I had jdance as scum and I didn’t have 317 on my scum list.

Really intense with IAAFR, Flop, Deepthroat, Nyte, Epok all getting fingered.

So glad I didn’t play this game. Too many posts for me to assimilate.

how do i leave a pm

man i literally fucking typed up 800 words to myself thinking this retarded thread through and i had this day solved for myself

I can kick u out

Seeing as nma is dead and he’s scum he couldn’t do that much damage even if he cheated with Nma though