League of Legends Thread

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anyone wanna play aram sometime?

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ok I'll do another

i am waiting for you step bro

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just played an aram against Demuslism

is he a LoL player now?

No it was an aram. I can't even really confirm if it was him, I poked him a few times in all chat with zero response.

but the player was clearly talented/cocky and had the name demuslim. he probably signed up for league a long time ago and would never sell his account so I feel pretty confident here

probably just friendstacking. I'll try to find the game and see if he plays a lot

it looks like he mostly plays aram and several games a day or every other day lol

Level 204 is decently high post-reset

he would probably be higher rank if he bothered to grind ranked, it can be really grindy

ah cool

manage to have our senna finish without dying and 15k gold