Left Leaning Parties win over local and mayoral elections in Turkey : A New Dawn

This is the first time people born in the year 2000 got to vote.

Rip X, thank you for leveraging a secular reform in Turkey after 25 years of oppression.


Rip x

didnt he beat women

He basically beat and imprisoned his preg(?) gf while he played Minecraft with the boys but its a small price to pay for Democratic upheaval in an increasingly facist world



You can read the awful abuse he did but yeah he used to play Minecraft with his fans on the ps4 and she actually took her opportunity to escape while he was playing lmao

i got arrested again today dude FUCK

suburban cops are real assholes seriously i was just taking a turn u little bitch

You got arrested for an illegal U turn? What lmfao

Im too big of a puss to have a sheet

I got pulled over because of a bad turn, then i got arrested because i had a warrant from 2 years ago (I think i told you about when we all got arrested on the highway in the city, and that warrant fucking followed me)

dubmest part is im getting extra charges on my sheet because i left a pipe in my pocket like a retard then they searched my car because of it (I love this state)

I think i've gotten nabbed (taken into a station, not pulled over) like 5 times now fukk

You gotta get some storage for your junk for when youre on the go but that sucks man. Hope it doesnt get in the way of your next job opportunity, im glad ive never had to check that box for previously arrested or w/e

in the US i think employers (Can) only check for felonies

Are you driving while high?

I only drive high when it's an absolute emergency - like if I just ran out of alcohol

Path of exile gang

Looks ugly, id rather play fork knife.

what is the appeal of battle royales

dude saw the github selfies

my man lookin str9 fire