LF new Laptop

recommend good laptops k thank you

i purchased a dell xps 13 a little while ago

I quite like it, light weight and good battery life

I don't need anything else

the only downside maybe is it only has usb-c ports and i end up having to use stupid dongle adapter things

Me too. I am pretty happy with it.

Thanks bois

this about half as cool as my laptop but should probably be future proof'ed for instant messaging bartenders.


Get a desktop if it is practical

I used to be a laptop only until PUBG

theres no such thing as future proofing especially for laptops

thats such a huge waste of money

ur really just paying for the form factor

if you want video editing prolly a mac. Anything else PC. Dell has always made solid pc's



i bought this baby to future proof spitting game over ICQ in '98 and it's still heavily in use. DAE still heavily prefer nipple mice to touchpads?

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I remember wiggling the nipple. A laptop we had at work that we saved because it had software that wouldn't work on anything after win98. And it had the last 9-pin rs-232 ports on earth to connect to old machines.

I thought the nipple was way easier to use than today's touchpads.

i know ur joking i just dont want anyone to take u seriously

man my new work laptop fucking SUCKS