Lich Discussion Thread

Discuss all things related to Lich here.

  1. Enemy mid is an Invoker or Zeus or some shit that needs XP? Lich mid.
  2. Get flamed by your team. It’s ok, they just don’t get it
  3. Max Sacrifice. Focus denies. Cripple enemy mid’s XP gain.
  5. Get flamed by your team for not leaving midlane. DO NOT LEAVE MIDLANE.
  6. Get L12 + Treads + Shadow Blade by 12 min. Ok, now you can maybe leave midlane.
  7. Lichsassinate whichever enemy core is doing best.
  8. Shove your XP advantage dick into the enemies’ mouths over and over.
  9. Get all the best talents - +120 damage, +180gpm, +30 HP Frost Armor regen.
  10. Accept gracious apologies and commends after you win them the game singlehandedly.
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then what happens when ur retarded pos 4 feeds 750 gold to invoker in one death and the game is now 40 minutes in and you can’t do shit

It’s ok, you just don’t get it.

Definitly dont max sacrifice. Go 1-1-1 and then max 1-2-3 in that order

Mid Lich does not work properly without maxing Sacrifice. You need to max Sacrifice to cripple the enemy’s XP and guarantee your L12 at 12 min. You need to max Sacrifice to create an XP advantage to snowball off of.

Now, I don’t mindlessly rush it - it’s often good to be 2-0-1 at L3, or 3-0-2 at L5 for a lane pressure powerspike. But every game by L8 at the latest, you’d better fucking believe I have 4 points in Sacrifice. I even skip Chain Frost for it if I’m facing a Zeus or whatever and there’s no kill potential.

Good Mid Lich Items:

  • Power Treads (absolute must)
  • Shadow Blade
  • Veil of Discord
  • Pike
  • Hood, sometimes Pipe
  • Skadi (stacks with talent slow, broken against some lineups)
  • Bloodthorn (good if you want to dissemble MoM)
  • Satanic (good when you need the talent slow)

i’m unironically sold on this

can invoker just beat the shit out of you with cold snap forge spirit sun strike

No, because he’s permanently lower level than you and you are Frost Blasting his ass down to 50% HP every 10 seconds.

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filter by very high skill please

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Getting commended by Slacks is like having a retard tell you that you are smart. But congratz anyways.

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Only one VH skill and it’s a loss. High skill games:

You don't know what you've got until it's gone.

I miss you, Mid Lich.

the hero is broken as fuck now

Mid lich was ham as shit and those were some top notch posts. Give tranquil wand double null into force or aether a try sometime as 4 or 5