life force thread

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"Formerly a virgin"


til what manifestation is

Special edition my girlfriend reads


Semen (Jing) is power.

Also if you made your GF read that you are a cuckold

After we were done she wanted to keep reading more but I had only wanted to use her for like 3 namafia likes


She just kept going through people's profiles and clicking their videos. Is she trying to tell me something?

people who dont retain they seed are usually weaker, less attractive or balding.
sex can only be done once a week at most.
every two weeks is better.
once a month if you actually wannna accomplish your dreams and be the man.

if you learn how to fuck while retaining thats good but i can never do it i drown when i swim in the female's ocean.

genghis khan laughing at you from the grave rn

genghis was inside of real women having sex for procreation, can you behind your monitor really use him as an example of why you should be busting nuts to videos behind a computer screen? he was on another level, and due to his healthy diet and non modern living im sure he had no problem busting every 3 days because he didnt spend years doing it daily to pornographic material, and being damaged by modern processed garbage they pretend is food.

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you clearly need to retain more your mental faculties are soft

what are you talking about, once a week is more frequency than every two weeks.

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Hundreds of visitor impressions

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wtf is this subreddit lol