likes and reacts in game threads: the official public poll

what do we want
  • both likes and reacts
  • only likes
  • only reacts
  • neither

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@mafiabot vote @osiris

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@SOPHIE just make it show likes by default ree

(translation: "make it show who is liking posts all the time by default reeeee")

just because we were married once doesnt mean u understand me

change this revert that

ruining ur life is our goal.

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good thing i never learned web design, else i'd have offered to help out and then i might be having the one to field all the bullshit feedback


once he does what we ask. we ask for something else

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shit wrong chat

giff back likes

I'll just comment the code I guess

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This was also more of an issue when we had enough traffic that spectators could freely react and attempt to gameruin and I didn't have the mod fam that I do now

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