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the game zone ya dingus


need more setups where one or more mafia dont know who each other are

can add more mafia players and adds interesting bait potential where claiming scum isnt game ruining aany more cause you can try to avoid a nightkill

perfect for the degenreates

doesnt it just become lynchable at that point

sounds like you like traitors

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Okay guys let's talk about jdances comments towards @Gamut s gf. I think people agree that they bordered on harassment and were not funny. Luckily gamut and her were okay with it, but what if they weren't?

Flagging the post hides it for other users and creates info asymmetry like iaafr suggested in the 11pm thread or wherever. It also creates info only the mods can see and there are a number of regularly playing mods so I think removing flags was cool.

But I think it would be fair to consider it somewhat gameruining I think. Or atleast people should begin to consider it a policy lynch. Cuz the offended player should be able to tell the host and let him decide if it's zeusable, But in a scenario where a scum player is doing it zeusing would a big impact on the game.

How do you properly punish that sexist/racist/ogi harassment stuff and can we even afford to do it with our meager player base? Share your thoughts below, and don't forget to like and subscribe for more content like this in the future.

Can you fix the bot

It should be fixed. There's even a sub command that we could've used last game but all forgot about

I vote you let jdance play if the host doesn't want what he does he won't let him play just make sure you don't make the mistake of letting him host a game

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flagged posts actually show up as hidden and viewable as a regular user I think

Sounds good but doesn't address garbage happening mid game. And that lat part is already occuring but given that he's hosted games well in the past I don't really want to take away that option

Let's address Dan's micropeepee

Viewable? I thought that wasn't the case. If they are I'd add flags back in

Harassing gamut out of game = okay. In mafia game not ok??

This shits bussin

That's not what the post is about. Harassment outside of the game is totally flaggable and addressable

Just feels like you should either ban me or not ban me because my harassment of gamut is unyielding

Harassing idiots like gamut is like breathing for me