Lil Pump - Gucci Gang FOR GRANDMA. LOL😁👻 hahahah


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grandmas going to like it not particularly once she hears the video :laughing: :mrs_claus:

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i've been wondering how people managed to put christianity and capitalism together while they're in a stark conflict with each other

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during colonialism we built the bare minimum infrastructure (railways, mines) needed to extract raw materials in these nations but never more than that, so we could exploit these virtually free materials as it was the buyer's market and then transported the shit where the labor was again the cheapest

then we "ended colonialism" so general public thought we were actually morally sound but left the nations with so much debt that they could never industrialize on their own and we could keep exploitation going while "not committing to colonialism" and sending just enough foreign aid to keep the nations on their feet but never enough to let them grow independent

Don't forget charging them millions per year for the shitty infrastructure we built there / "Debt" they owe rich countries/ the IMF so they will always stay poor (france is one of the worst cases for this)