List of Currently Banned Users Thread

  1. Notjones
  2. Kaptenrobert
  3. The Turk

Post here if you have any users to add to the list.

Nothing of value was lost

Especially #2


Looks like first two were timed out for posting in the mafia thread.

Robert was banned for "Sexism" (don't know the details)

Yeah he checked the logs and it looks like the first two were banned by moderator theGreatWingdingi. Weird..

Not accurate.

Cant we sentence these people to the wall instead

Only one person on that list is an actual human (robert)

Nah they're all human

Nmagane might be a rogue runtime who stole a dead person's pictures

No nvm he took pics for the anon ball mafia game

Anyone wanna play dota?