List of Numeta approved builds

Put this in the math Thread

i will say that I wanna try necro clockwerk now tho

sounds fun to hook some unsuspecting poor support and gang rape them with uNdEAd WaRRioRS

You're just jealous of my dota powers.

Truthfully I've known about the necro being able to clear the jungle stuff for years, but never wanted to release it cause the meta would suck and the item would be ruined.

Oh well.

I've been jungling ogre level 1 for a quick book and then I go midas. You can do this like at minutes 14 some games. It's (re)tarded.

What's the next big thing?

Wait for next patch.

My top strongest builds are Nomicon 3 into Helm of Dom centaur Spirit breaker. With good micro you can have your centaur at your charge destination and lock someone down for like 6 seconds. Go sheep after helm of dom and you auto win.

Blink refresher SF is pretty insane right now too. The Fear IS INSANE

Blink refresher? Obviously not rushed right? You wouldn't probably even have the mana for both

Sorry yeah not rushed together, just to have the ready blink for your second ult. The fear will allow you to aim up the destination for your second requiem and will pretty much kill them when done right. There is also a visual delay with Requiem of Souls with Blink.

Refresher has been pretty common on SF though, since it scales well with his lvl 25 / bkb / hex / ult

An off-meta build that I've been going for a long time is battlefury CK, just feels so good on that hero

No I know, but now that the fear is on his ultimate, it makes having a double blink OP.

CK feels so weak idk

I thought I tested Tag Team out on Tusk but I guess it was one of those practice mode bugs?

Tag Team damage is added to your necronomicon LOL. Wew this hero is dumb right now.