Lmao call the police retards

3 virgins above me


Are you a virgin

Hey, @Derumination, part of the deal was that you can’t react to posts either

too bad Jdance lives with his mom so he can’t bring girls home and fuck them he has to ride around in his car while some girl gets off on a vibrator in the seat next to him lmao


I’m making a secret deal with jdance that he can stay and make one of these threads per week

@Derumination, enough with the reacts

My deal nullifies ewiz deal

Here’s the deal Jdance: you can post as much as you want and make as many threads as you want if you react with Virgin Islands to my post

Shut up, retard

New deal: jdance can post and react as much as he wants if you never post or react from any account again. That is the only deal that would nullify the already existing jdance deal

Newer deal: your deals are null and void if Jdance posts “ur gay”

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i think for the first week it’s understandable. it’s like 10 years of bottled up hormones and sexual angst being released at once. give it a week and he’ll realize sex is whatever and no one really gives a shit after college and his brain will slowly return to normal.

His brain was never normal

Idk how sex at 6’2 in his compact sedan works

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What if he never goes to college though

New deal: if you are challenged by ewiz to leave the site you can nullify the deal but only if u post “whiner no whining!” with an image of dora the explorer after every ewiz post

Shut up, retard


@SOPHIE was writing a post, then stopped. What are the admins up to now?

I’m happy I don’t screenshot snaps