Lmao call the police retards

  1. they aren’t in high school
  2. they were not drunk
  3. they are not under 18, (18, 18, 21)
  4. the federal age of consent is 18 regardless

Do literally whatever the fuck you want. Waste the authorities time, I don’t give a fuck. It’s hilarious how a forum of VIRGENS and INCELS goes crazy when one of their own ascends. Sorry I’m getting bomb ass pussy and blowjobs on my deliveries from word of mouth of my performance alone. That’s right, they talk about me. I’m getting Snapchat adds from fresh new pussy every day. Only on Namafia.com is the free testosterone so low that it’s members get angry enough to ragepost about having meaningless sex with 18 year olds(the first of which approached me, and initiated everything). Keep drinking your fake ass video game dopamine while I accrue real ass testosterone from heavy weights on my back and arms you dumb fuck sjw haters.


(nasally voice)
YES, ahem, YEs officer I would like to file an anonymous tip
… There is a man I know on this forum here. He is having sex with very young gals. Very young gals, they’re very young gals
Oh that’s not good, how young are they?
He is having sex with 18 year olds, officer.
(Posture slightly improves at thought of own moral high ground)
(Phone clicks)

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I'm just out here raping and tearing up legal pussy (deplorable)

How am I the one taking advantage here?

Help - I'm raping these girls

This is not consensual at all


Guys they are drunk in each one of those photos.

(Since deepthroat was going to take this post seriously, they are NOT DRUNK IN THESE PICTURES)

JdAnCe HaS nO sElF cOnTrOl He CaNt Go TwO wEeKs WiThOuT pOsTiNg

(He can and it was easy)

I just counted the posts in the Ian thread and around 133/155 of them were troll posts. The other 24 posts were him admitting to trolling. Good job idiots, you fell for it.

Today I went to this chicks house to fuck her. She was not drunk, I had just gotten off work.

Date rapist in a nutshell

Go Matt!

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The third chick has a massive cum fetish so im going to run a cumshot cocktail cycle


Chick #1 is going to ride around in my car completely naked and cum all over the seat with the vibrator i got for her (this is the only crime I will have committed so far)

We are both super excited for this. Emphasis on the bolded text

Basically I’m a fucking sex gorilla

This is rape

Unironically triggered that you idiots think I don’t have social skills. I am unanimously loved at work by literally every single person

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congrats jdance!

Gn I need to sleep