lonely boy shack

this place is for people who stopped talking to other people after they hit 16

Fuck this hits home

You really piss me off

I stopped talking to other people in the 6th grade.

What should I do about that

Do you want Xanax ??

What am I gunna do with that? Sell it?


I gave a guy two dollars for gas and he tried to give me a hand full of 60mg yvanse…
He had a gallon full in his passenger seat floor board. Weird midnight gas stations times.

It was the other way around for me


I didn’t accept of course


Big fan of 60mg vyvanse. It’s a much better pill than Adderall


girl i knew in hs took vyvanse to lose weight shits whaCky

I mean people use ephederine and caffeine to lose weight. Neutralize hunger and then caffeine to make it so you don’t fall over

Noted. We’ll see if the investigation verifies this.

Just Google ECA stack. Might be EC stacks