Looking To Play Some Dota2 (With You Brendan)

With no nmaGane.

Stop wasting your life

I did numerous difficult things today.

I spent one hour and a half sawing wood and then I opened up 10 other tabs in my web browser.

Let’s go game Brendan.

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can’t right now.

PM me when you get back brendan

Tbh Kassadin mid with electrocute is free elo rn

Brendan griefs way more than nmagane

Funny how league and dota both ruined their games at about the same time… Keystones are as bad as talents

Fervor and grasp and that shit was bad but keystones are waaaaaaay worse

what of course keystones are better

you had to grind until you got all the runeslots and be forced to play with people that have full runebuilds

keystones also add fluctuation to the game and make it more dynamic since it doesnt have much going on for it

anyone gaming for 1 game righrt now?

waiting in team speak.

Yeah sux u had to grind but at least the actual system was decent