Loomdun dota everyone

I thought he (Loomdun) was being silly online but this is damning. I am sorry that happened, Sammyboy.

Loomdun has always been a massive retard and fuck everyone who ever engaged him

You can’t put skinny 18-something boys at fault like that. Every single one “engages” loomdun if they appear in front of him

Wish we had all the nadota loomdun posts to look through rn

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Can we bring back loomdumb

it wasn’t really that I was physically unable to repel him, were both twigs he might actually be skinnier then me. it was more he’s coaching my team and if I force a confrontation I know that I will lose the players that respect him and be forced into roster shuffle shenanigans and basically reset all the work I’ve put into winning nadcl. I thought his ideas about dota weren’t very good but slayer/lokarn disagreed and me/robot/gunnar felt slayer wouldn’t play without him and we liked slayer as a teammate and we had just shuffled jenkins around… lokarns whatever dudes just a dick. not only that but I just didn’t believe that shit was really happening and kind of just played it off at first because I thought he was just weird but it just got worse and yeah… either way appreciate it means a lot its been tough idk hard to describe.

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It’s definitely an exploitative relationship if you have to work with someone and have respect for someone doing things to you that you find uncomfortable. It’s unfair that you were put in that situation where you had to choose between being comfortable and feeling safe or advancing your career.


Jdance your “pull the plug” shit yesterday was the biggest laugh I had in a while


can we get a ban on this mans

ah yes the “homo who relentlessly tries to seduce straight guys” trope

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I really do not understand why anyone would pick loomdun to coach their team though especially not when acutal good coaches like numeta exists (has coached TI winners)

What did I say?

Good on you for Coming forward dude. Even if it came with some personal cost who knows how many other people Loomdun mightve taken advantage of had u not laid it out

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Just be a stones throw away from tier 1 and youll take any advantage you can to become a toptier team

Well maybe its not an advantage but sure

There are a lot of people with clout and some ability that are also horrible predators