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Worst part of season 6 was the casting / costumes - not necessarily the story. Shorter seasons made the show worse

Nice bait

That ending could have absolutely been pulled off given better thought and (perhaps) more time in-season

Yeah maybe if it didn’t feel like they were forcing the absolute hell out of the ending concept starting from that season instead of an earlier one it would’ve been ok

Island, 2000 and something (bored wojak face)
Island, 1500s (excited Wojak face)

That asian temple dude was the most disgusting casting choice in the history of tv. Same with the light brown curly headed dude with the lisp and thin rimmed glasses.

Jacob and ethan were cast very well. The acting/casting of the higher up others really just straight up ruined any expectations/mystique of every mystical element on the island. It doesnt help that theyre in like 5 episodes and then get wiped by being ■■■■■■■■ Just seems like a bunch of incompetent morons which really butted heads with the competency of ethan and jacob

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Fucking dogshit CW tier acting and casting

Literal npcs

10 episode seasons have really ruined a lot of the enjoyment i have for tv now

Fuck you tho I love that Asian guy


He was the only good part of John wick 4

The ending was genuinely the most perfect thing ever pulled off in television history.

After hearing the goy commentary of the show, im convinced it might be one of the worst shows aired on television

am i the only who who fantasizes about how good lives would be if married to jenny anniston

The show is called "Lost" because they were all already lost in their pathetic lives - Only to found purpose and meaning on the island.