Lounge Access

@SOPHIE @anon82208883 why did I have my lounge access removed?

@KrazyKat you're a mod too, right? Someone tell me why the fuck I got removed. I broke no rules, unless calling kyle out on poor moderation is breaking a rule

Oh you lost lounge access too? Hmmm seems like a mod is super duper power tripping

Gotta say Iā€™d love to know what convoluted Kyle has for why you lost lounge access

@anon82208883 enlighten the crowd bitch boy

kyle why are you sexist bro

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@anon82208883 why are you ruining the forum

@KrazyKat @anon82208883 @SOPHIE

Why is my lounge access still revoked? Never got a reason for it yet. @anon82208883 @SOPHIE @ersu @Roragok

kyle did nothing wrong


Maybe if you pinged more people in your posts - 4 people per post is a little low

It's the entire moderation team. Why do you think pinging mods on a moderation issue is bad?

Do you see what you are doing in this thread because you look like an actual crazy person

At some pt you'll realize me saying you look like you're either griefing or on adderall isn't some sort of insult designed to hurt your feelings it's an actual reality check based on what I'm reading and may even come from a place of concern

Still doing the whole "insult someone and gaslight them into thinking that you're trying to help" thing. Good job on changing yourself

It's not gaslighting you stupid idiot

You tagged 11 people in 5 posts - it is exactly the thing benny would do when he was griefing and if you are not griefing it makes me think you are having some sort of breakdown

I pinged the same four people because I'd seen them get online and never respond. Not the same as pinging 11 people. You did this same kind of gaslighting shit in the bug thread. Pinging three people in one post because they're the three people who might be able to answer the question isn't fucking griefing.

And I still haven't received any explanation of what rule I broke that got my lounge access revoked, so it makes sense to keep pinging the moderation team

You're such a fucking dyke

I wasnt ping, I feel left out.

Fucking kyle is sexist and is ruining men's lives

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can we get a family selfie. with the car too. I dont remember if you have kids. but a wife at least. I want to see what the average american life is like

What is this lol?

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