Lounge Vouch Thread

if youve been around for a while (basically everyone), PM me or post in this thread to be added to the Lounge.

  • i made this thread because the lounge usually is only available to trust level 3 members, which are defined as “regulars” and have done shit like visited 50 days in the past 100. however, if youre someone everyone knows that qualifies as a regular to me and thus i will just grant you access myself through adding you to a private group.

  • the lounge will be specifically used for internal discussion about namafia (stuff like shitty new members, developing plugins and using the api) or threads like member pictures thread, blog, etc

  • your thread may be moved to spam

  • also im reserving the right to remove people from the Lounge – if you are sharing information from the lounge to public-facing areas or are generally just shitting up what could be a nice and useful private board you’ll be removed

  • new namafia members must request to join here

  • if you become a level 3 member of the community you dont need to be added to this group, as the group is just to let people bypass the level 3 restriction. you can only reach level 3 by not getting in trouble btw lol. see this blog for more info: https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/

get access to the lounge to find out what else is allowed in there image

Add me idiot

i added you, along with everyone who posted in blog or the member pictures threads with the exception of one Turkish man.


add me pls :slight_smile:

Lived through that before… great memories… :hurt:

who is wintermute

Lol it’s alightsoul lool

Can you just vouch every member? I don’t get why Toprak or Benny don’t get to read exclusive content like “blog thread” and “wack it shack” unless they ask for it honestly.

You vouched nmagane but not me/benny

Talk about error of judgment


i said i vouched every member who posted in those 2 threads. i just left the turk out cuz he hadn’t made any posts besides 1…everyone else who posted in those thread posted atleast 3 times.

im not going to turn it on by default, thats the point. im seeding this group – thats’ why everyones getting approved. but once i remove your access to the lounge via the group i add you to you’re only allowed to join if you’re trust level 3, which means youve been active and haven’t been suspended or flagged hard. that way this thread ends up defunct eventually cuz everyone who registered a few weeks ago will have access in another few months – seeing as no one has been suspended or anything.

sorry did not mean to imply that i was purposely not including Turk, as I said before I just didnt want to add people who hadn’t been posting.

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So you’re telling me that if I flag every asoul post we can have a subforum free of his bullshit?

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bennys getting access too lol this is just something i whipped up with some time i had earlier

they could just ask themselves too instead of you guys forming some sort of bully-free zone

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false flags are the only thing im not tolerating around here

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Then you better track down and mod numeta.



put me in the group and then unvouch everyone else


Can you add Wintermute to the “Handicapped” user group?

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will keep u guys updated :slight_smile: