Low Priority Day 3

The town arises to find the corpse of iaafr an All Chat Spammer

Day 3 Start

Day will last until November 26, 2018 3:00 PM or majority lynch

Alive Players


Majority Lynch is 4

@mafiabot startday 1914

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Player Lynches

Not Voting



/vote matticus

@mafiabot lynch @Matticus

are we at lylo

We are at MyLo, not LyLo.

@mafiabot Lynch @Nyte

what does that mean if we Lynch a town we lose right?

Yeah, but there’s not really a difference, since scum can choose to not NK as well

Everyone fucking knew that lynching epok would make today MyLo and still people hardpushed for the lynch, this was the same fucking exact thing that happened when Agubar got lynched d1, scum is 3p hunting and making it seem like the “safe” and ideal lynch when they’re on the ropes themselves (Nyte both days).

it’s beyond obvious it’s LBJ and Nyte at this point.

Make a case for me that’s separate from me being scum with nyte

Explain why you didn’t vote nyte yesterday (100% outed scum) when you’re a self proclaimed mafia-god

This isnt what is called making a case

I’m not going to make a case for someone else being scum when the game is solved you retard, now answer my question

If you think I’m scum and think the game is solved youre an idiot. Also without making a legitimate case for me being scum, I have no reason to earnestly reply to anything you say.

There’s no way for me to refute the points you make about me being scum if you don’t post them so either post them or post at someone else

Ok. If you’re town, why did you steer town off outed scum and onto 3p yesterday instead of hammering nyte. If you are really town, then fucking vote nyte already

I tried to vote nyte d1 and my town buddy iaafr convinced me not to vote on her after her defense. When I entered the thread late d2 i did not see that nyte was in hammer range otherwise I would have done it. Then, like I said I would earlier in d2, I lynched epok cuz I wasn’t convinced he was 3p. I thought there was no way he doesn’t try to win and just afks but I was wrong.

Why am I not voting her now? I gotta go reread d2 first