LPP (likes per post statistic regression model) month of november: results jdance #1 poster despite a week long ban and further adversity, please advise

The month of Novembwr saw us3r name jdance leading various statistic metrics in spite of adv3rsity. The steph curry of the forum and earned this month's mvp


Kyle is preparing am interview with poster now. Advise

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bumping epic tred

Jfance Says he chalks up his recent performance to reading a few books as well as a change in profile pictures


Can you see the lounge?

A special treat for him to celebrate


you can't eat that until you sign that mafia game

I will sign if you like all my posts in this thread


can you see the lounge u fucking fat f---ot

Breaking News: us3r of the month of november, one jpants, refusing to play mafia games because he's shook. We go to our man on the ground Kyle 'Kyle' Kyle with words from the man himself.


jaundice thanks for the three fifty gees

Jdance drives around in his dumbass clown car all day thinking up something to post and this is the thread he makes


Orders 70$ of fast food like Nikococoda Ovacoda

"Hhehehe like per post stapistic thread!!"


it was better than the thread you made at least

Considering your standards for entertaining discussion is Joe Biden and Pizza toppings

wtf are you on about do you think im numeta?

the fact that i can't tell you apart from anyone else here means it doesn't matter

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Jdance is the only person here i can actually tell apart from other people and that's actually extremely sad

maybe it's because no one cares to talk to you. or maybe you're shit at being a human being