lucid dreams

been lucid dreaming hella lately and its been pretty fun, a lot of cool stuff happens in the dreams and im just doing crazyyyy shit cuz i know its a dream. a lot of the times when i wake up i dont feel as well rested though. anyone else have experience with this?

share ur lucid dream experiences here!

experiences youve had while listening to the song by juice wrld are also acceptable

I've had a few where I could fly. But eventually I lost control and was taken by the wind.
Vanilla Sky scared the hell out of me.

Im on day 2 of no weed or booze.

Lucid dreams should be incoming fast and hard soon.

some of my craziest lucid dreams have been while im drunk actually

one time i was lightly buzzed and i had a dream where i was in a shootout with the cops for some reason and then i realized it was just a dream so i went rambo and was slayin those motherfuckers

then out of nowhere i woke up i dont think i even got shot or anything

How do you prevent waking up when you're lucid

idk ive never had an issue with it, usually when i recognize im dreaming i just continue exploring the dream like its a world in a video game or something, eventually some big event like falling or getting shot or killed or something happens and i jolt awake

heres something i found about it though

lucid dreams are cool. they're usually very intertwined with nightmares / sleep paralysis, at least in my experience. i just had one this night, i was in a skyrim-like game where i was exploring a forest, i saw a cottage, i went in to loot it, found a cool iron mace and stuff and was ready to fight monsters. then i realized im dreaming and naturally i immediately laid down in the cottage bed and tried to conjure up a sexual situation and failed and woke up.

the coolest one ive ever had was when i was a black panther living in this night-marish / limbo word, all in black and white, there were grotesque monsters all running around eating people. i entered this multi-floored corporate building and started killing all people floor by floor a la hotline miami (the game). dodging bullet, leaping and running fast and everything

the worst one was a sleep paralysis one where i was being tortured by this monster wearing a bloody hospital gown, i knew i was dreaming but i couldn't wake up no matter how much i tried to "shock" my brain. i was screaming that im dreaming, pinching my arms, continually sending "electricity" in my brain to wake me up but it's like the monster had me in a dream trap. was scary

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yeah ive had some pretty crazy lucid nightmares, mostly ones where im running away from monsters or killers or something but it feels like i can barely move my legs. a lot of times thats what triggers me to realize im dreaming because im pretty fast in real life. but i feel like im just running really slow and im inevitably going to get caught but i cant force myself to wake up for some reason so i just keep trying to run. its pretty rare i actually get caught before i wake up though.

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hoping to lucid dream tonight dont know if itll happen

do you use any techniques? what ive heard of is that you should lie on your back, and not move absolutely anything. even if you feel like scratching you should endure it

and some techniques for realizing ur dreaming such as forming a habit of pinching your arm every few hours or so during your day, so hopefully you do it during the dream too and when u feel no pain u become lucid. or draw something on your hand before u go to bed, or smth like that

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ive heard that technique about pinching yourself or looking at your hands. but nah i dont use any techniques. i usually sleep basically facedown or on my side. i dont try to lucid dream at all, it happens naturally for me probably once every week or two.

i have thought about using some techniques because i do enjoy it, but usually when i try to change anything around my sleeping it doesnt work for me. i feel like i cant force it i just have to let it happen.

i think lying on your back and not moving a muscle is the most "potent" way to try to lucid dream, at least what ive read ppl say, and also from personal experience

personally i dont do it simply because im actually really afraid of the sleep paralysis that will come. but yea. if changing doesnt work for u yea maybe it wont idk

when you say dont move a muscle you mean as you fall asleep right?

and yeah i definitely feel you on the sleep paralysis stuff, ive definitely had some pretty frightening dreams but id say 90% of my experiences have been positive

like the moment u shut down the lights and get into bed. sometimes it takes a lot of time to fall asleep, and throughout this whole time, if u are laying on your back and the less you move, even slight tiny movements, twitching, the more potent will the lucidity be, at least thats what ive read

interesting i havent read that actually, yeah i definitely do nothing like that so maybe ill have to try it out. im always on my side and squirming around and shit

yea same

crazy recurring lucid dream ive been having recently, im walking up a flight of stairs and theres people watching me but my legs are like barely working. im limping and its super painful to walk but for some reason i know i have to get to the top of the stairs. the people who are there are always different but the staircase is always the same. i usually walk up and down it a few times before i realize im dreaming