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which one of these should i get for my girlfriend?

MFW ameriƒąցցօt tap water victim enters my peripheral vision

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put all of you fags on a train to here

You can't say the ꜰᴀɢɢᴏᴛ word. You can't talk about things i don't like. You can't insult women. You can't say the words i don't like.

You can't enter this section of the forum. You'll be bombarded with ultimatums and be held hostage over your completely normal actions. Yes i'm a fascist, cutthroat maniac. How could you tell? @SOPHIE

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Hitler? He's such an awful person, no discussion needed. Me? I do it so much better.

You're on the wrong side of history and you'll get the rope just like Adolf did. Just saying @moderators

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Year 754 - Stripped from personal rights and executed for heresy (Against god)

Year 2022 - Stripped from personal rights and executed for heresy (noo you said ᵣₑₜₐᵣd nooo you said the ɳιɠɠҽɾ)

The closest you'll ever get to being Stalin is when you close this thread and ban this account. You fucking piece of shit.

Nobody close the thread or ban the account. Thanks

Thread closed.

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Thanks Goebbels.


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You wake up thinking about me

I forget about you until I browse the site

Live in despair, plebe

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Rent free

oh I was angry when some prep school, affirmative action animal banned plasmanation for "racism"

but about 10 minutes later your LinkedIn was found and I felt nothing but satisfaction and indifference: turns out I was right!

You thought you ate

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