Lying and Tech

I actually know someone who deals with advertisements and his whole job is getting people’s data. It’s seriously amazing.

I guess it will be harder to lie but people will still do it.

Majority of people who lie do it about useless shit.

I’m flying an airplane right now.

My friend works for the largest advertising company in the US. I think he said they have profiles on more than like 60% of Americans and if you’ve ever shopped at any of their partners (tiny chance you havent) they atleast have a general profile on you.

Your advertising thing isnt really related to lying in tech though. Like you can lie on the internet about yourself as it is and they wont call you out if their advertising data shows otherwise because they dont give a shit. They know the truth and would rather keep that to themselves so they can continue making huge bucks and not indicating to consumers that theyre already being closely tracked

Feels like the Internet has more lies than ever

prolly cuz of all the russian bots and honesty not being rewarded in society i think

The only way to avoid leaving a paper trail these days is to do everything on paper.

Big brother will be everywhere soon.

mass misinformation, spreading of plain falsehoods, bombarding people with unnecessary/misleading stories and information all helps the very rich to get richer. social media has been amazing for this, along with the state of american “journalism”

What do you know to be true?

Ask a better question

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