Lying and Tech

In the future, will there be less liars? Seems with tech advancing, liars will be detected much more efficiently. Will society adapt to be more truthful, or will we become better at deceiving?

people need to be held accountable with social credit


I think we’ll probably become better at deceiving people.
People are always gonna have their secrets and will lie to keep them hidden.

Lying is bad for your mental health

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Everyone lies though. Lying is a part of being human, whether it be moral or not. I try to be honest as much as possible, but lying is a necessity for survival for much of human history. It’s interesting to think how society will face this issue. Younger generations born into it will probably be less resistant and think of it more as the norm they grew up with. Older generations would have a more difficult time coping. That seems to be a constant with change.

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How do you deceive a machine that can track your body temperature, body language, heart rate, stress levels, and know all your tells in a face to face environment? Even if you’re behind a screen online, they can probably download your entire browsing/post history and use that to learn about a specific user and “know” them. Seems like we are giving machines all the tools they need to control humans. Hopefully we don’t fuck up lol.


My statement still holds true.

Everyone lies. But it’s still not healthy.

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What makes lying bad for mental health?

Lying to yourself can make you.very happy

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You worry more about stuff you shouldn’t have to worry about. „Will he find out“ „hmm does this person know that person? Can i tell him the truth without him telling the person i lied to?“

Its so much stress.

That seems like some reddit stuff

Lying can also be less stressful than the truth

Just don’t suck dick at lying

Whenever I lie, I know nobody will ever know

Everytime someone reacts with the virgin emoji on my post they are lying

What is your motivation for forfeiting trustworthiness?

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