Made in USA

Nothing is actually "Made in USA" anymore. Everything with that label is made in China, Taiwan, or Malaysia and then undergoes final assembly in the U.S. at which point it's declared "Made in USA".

this product is made in USA. Ingredients are sourced in USA especially after Trump tarffied the ChiComs

Those tarrifs & controls are easily circumvented for many product categories and already are via circuitous shipping pathways.

Taiwan, Chile and our other pacific rim trading partners are still funneling Chink goods into the Fatherland to some extent.

"This product" is not "Made in USA" any more than you are.

Cars made in the United states can be up to 49% foreign parts.

Its made by Lincoln himself

Only the Lincoln Navigator model is

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No no by Abe Lincoln and Jefferson

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Tommy J makes Corvettes

what does Jeb Bush do?

Jeb works as Les Schwab doing tire changes

good ol' Jeb