Mafia bot

yeah full search page is pretty great actually, it would just be nice if you could see bolded words from the light search in the top

That’s a good pint I wonder how the XPath for the search work. If I’m sober enough I will ha be a glance but I’ll prob be swallowing a gun barrel this weekend

  1. dont kil yourself
  2. we can generate a user api key for the bot and then you can use discourse’s really decent api to make a better functioning bot. im sure half the reason it couldnt run forever had to do with how you were reverse engineering the posting aspect. Just filter exclusively to handle and make posts in the game zone through the api and it should run forever.

Just set it all up in dev and then it should be easy to adapt it to the api here, the bot still runs on your end tho which isnt that good. the hubot discourse adapter thing would be better because the end result would be running on the box and could be more reliable then

An issue I can see is our use of nicknames causing problems when counting lynch votes (lynch nma, lynch nmagane)

@lynch @Nmagane would be an easy solution

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I have an idea

What is it?

for the time being i suggest using some unique way to type official lynchvotes so its easier to aggregate them all in a search without false positives

like ##lynch iaafr

nope this doesnt work ##lynch doesnt get searched properly

maybe use a different phrase that we dont tend to use in discussion

like lynchvote iaafr

then hosts can just search for the term lynchvote

we can agree not to use that word outside of actual votes

just @lynch

this is probably what we’ll do for bot purposes

but i’m talking about what we do before we implement a bot to make it easier to aggregate votes manually as a host


@lynch doesnt work for that purpose


oh nice ok then that works

it doesnt matter lol

Do whatever - I might have an issue breaking the habit of writing [b][/b] for lynches but whatever.


its fine to keep bolding lynches as long as you remember to add whatever ends up being agreed upon

Typing is bad ux

Playing mafia on this site is bad UX