Mafia Championship Invite 2022

At one point you were claiming that there were no roles in mafia and that it was all about psychology. You've inverted. Something changed.

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Does anyone want to go?
If so we need someone to decide soon.

I do still think that it's a psychology game. But it's not fun when there's nothing you can trick/manipulate people with.

I can see that. I have only played one pure vanilla game but found it fun, and in hindsight had plenty of information to find the scum. I just don't like Cop. Cop is cheating.

There's plenty of interest, just need to decide. Nmagane or Asoul or Osiris so far. I don't think I should play because I won't be able to invest the time that I'd want to.

This is the game I played (it's not showing up in searches):

Why did my post get banned

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Not sure.
Ask the mods.
It was a normal post to me.

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Unsure, I have never flagged a post.

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Not a mod anymore. But if I was I would not see any reason to do this.


Sometimes it's hard to tell if people have critical thinking skills



you wanted to censor the fact that we had a user with the username "fuckmafiauniverse"?

but that's a part of our history

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Unfortunately so. But this rogue user does not reflect the staffs thoughts. Even if we the community have certain gripes with MU like the threads being filled with filler and the lack of true discourse, I dont think it represents the community's thoughts either. They offer a better product than ours, it's why our users tend to moonlight on MU.

Either way it's rude to a community that considers us when they have little reason to, and it's clearly an attempt to troll as pointing out anecdotal evidence of a single vanilla game on the site from the three years ago to imply that Vanilla games are not good is stupid and Nma/The Mafia Mobster knows it. Especially when Nma has literally contradicted this point before and argued for less mechanics and more emphasis on the value of players within Mafia

Not to mention we've had plenty of vanilla games in the mean time that to my knowledge were not a problem

I'm putting up with Nma attempting to troll me for now but when it affects something like this that other users value to some degree (given the posts in this thread) I don't really care to stand for it. Free speech is meant for true discourse not to create an avenue to troll

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@insom can you play for us

uhh idk sounds like a lot of work

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Understandable its up to you

i do think you'd take better to it than the majority of guys here