Mafia Championship Invite 2022

Got a message today.

This year’s setup: Mountainous 15er
3x Mafia Goon
12x Vanilla Townie


I'll play

Your account is still there.


Feel free to ask if you have any questions about it, and also let me know when you've decided on your rep!!!


Sounds good, thank you

@theGreatWingdingi You know what to do.

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My immediate thought is that setup would be a lot of fun

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The best mafia setups are the ones with the highest computational complexity.


I'll take your word for it

I genuinely don't think I can ever play a vanilla mafia game again.

I don't understand your perspective, but have never played on MU so perhaps that's the reason.


Would you be willing to play?
I think you would do well.

I would like to, but can't read 600-700 posts every day. And for how long?

It doesn't say how long each day is. Anyways, it's probably a bad idea. Someone more experienced should go.


This is MU right? The role system is cool, I think it's unfortunate that it won't be used here. Seems like a great way to show potential users of your site the power of your bot

Just like Us.

Faz will decline