Mafia Hosting Tips

general hosting tips

text formatting tips

  • use # ## and ### to create headers. start all your paragraphs with it if you really wanna make sure theyre read.
  • use enough dashes to create a divider.
  • the [details] tag is really useful. Theres an explanation on how to use it well below.
  • use colors to clearly indicate alignment. check the post below for how.
  • use global timestamps to simplify EOD management for players that might not be north american or in your time zone. see below post for more info.
  • [spoiler], [img], and text modification tools are available in whole. If you're on mobile you might only see the Sandwich menu (3 horiz dashes), press it to help craft your flavored game and access buttons for most of the mentioned [stuff]

other stuff

  • Hosting a game entitles you to a custom title next to your name. PM a mod your requested title.
  • Flavor in the signup thread is always welcome and probably gets more people interested in your game.
  • If you dont want emotes in your game use the game zone use the thread keyword 'emojiless' on your threads. use 'emojiplus' for bighead mode.
  • if you want some inspiration for what setup you wanna do, theres a ton here at this link right here with a big range. And of course, the more games played with it gives the game a more accurate measure of how balanced it is. Some say that our players are so good that you might need to add an extra scum role or backup though.
  • Host the game you want to host. It's your game, you deserve to define it as the one to valiantly shoulder the burden of running something for others. If it's a original setup, it's more than welcome, and as theres effort into balancing it and it works, the games will be guaranteed to be enjoyable. Just specify what aspects you want to introduce in your game in the signup thread atleast. Reach out to community pillar @iaafr for input on your setup

Use the Hide details tag helps clean up your threads.

[details="Summary"]This text will be hidden[/details] creates


This text will be hidden

I suggest using this to list roles, dead players, stuff like that.

Display timezone free times

To add times that can be viewed in all timezones, press the calendar(waffle icon) next to the gear
This supports the ability to set a time window as well.

Coloring users

Press the little painter palette icon (blob with 4 dots on it near the end of your bar) to insert color-coded text.
[color=red]Text[/color] becomes Text
as shown above, html colors work so you can just google for an html color list instead of hex codes.
big A button next to this lets you choose font size as well

known bugs:

  • name changing someone who's alive breaks their record in the bot
  • bot sometimes doesnt take host kills in order or could display already-subbed players (not sure what causes this but if i did this could be covered by some test)
  • if you have the quick reply window open and you look at the full message, things can get finnicky.

feel free to share your mafia hosting tips below