Mafia Playing Tips

tips for players

how to ISO

it's actually really easy, and better than old nadota. you can expand the posts between replies to get a more interactive ISO experience. Hosts could use this strategy to determine last lynches too lol.

To ISO on mobile or to do it from the search bar and see a full digest of their logs:

Search a username with @, if you want to see a username they typed search it without an @

on Desktop when you type @name in the search bar you have to press Enter to submit it and see the full list of posts, otherwise you will see them exclusively in the dropdown and without quotes or whatever else makes it easier to read. This happens on mobile too but is easy to overlook since people are used to submitting forms in that manner (like imagine how people use on their phone)

Mafia Bot Commands List

known bugs:

  • name changing someone who's alive breaks their record in the bot
  • bot sometimes doesnt take host kills in order or could display already-subbed players (not sure what causes this but if i did this could be covered by some test)
  • if you have the quick reply window open and you look at the full message, things can get finnicky.

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feel free to share your mafia playing tips below

use your vote, esp on day 1